Frank Investments Consultancy Offerings

Taking an idea, running a business, and managing shareholder expectations require different skills.

Advice and services for small business growth:

We offer advice on fundraising, valuation, and current market conditions affecting fundraisings.

Comprehensive advice can be provided to CEOs and CFOs on some of the most important aspects of managing a transition from owner to shareholder.

Company Advisor:

Senior members of our team offer skills, guidance and coaching in a range of areas, including CEO mentoring, capital raising, taking companies public, financials. 

Fundraising and Valuation:

We understand that raising capital is crucial to the success of any business. We can advise you on the fundraising strategy that meets the specific needs and goals of the company. 

We can also help with business valuation, which is essential when seeking investment or looking for an exit.

Prioritizing Milestones:

We review our client’s milestone objectives and can identify priorities that will result in more rapid business success. We work with CEOs to develop a timeline and action plan to ensure they meet these milestones and achieve success.