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Frank Investments extends the principles of its own investment management to those of its clients. Our interests are wholly aligned.

To enable a best-in-class service, the founders have built a small but experienced team of employees and associates to develop the capability of the firm and ensure the success of the business.

Frank Investments ‘Managed Balanced Total Return Portfolio’

Frank Investments offers our clients the opportunity to invest in an individually managed portfolio that is run in parallel with that of the founders, via our Frank Investments Managed Balanced Total Return Portfolio Strategy. Importantly, the individual portfolio would comprise of assets all directly held in the client’s name. We do not operate on a ‘Pooled’ or ‘Fund’ approach as we believe our clients are individuals, their needs and goals are unique and their investments should be tailored as well.

Our balanced investment strategy reflects our founders’ requirements to preserve the value and purchasing power of their wealth at a minimum cost.

The exposures and structure of client portfolios managed by Frank Investments exactly replicate those of the founders’ own portfolio. Moreover, the founders and their clients pay the same investment management fees. This ensures that clients’ risks, opportunities, and costs are wholly aligned with those of Frank Investments’ founders.

By operating individual portfolios each of our clients is provided with their own managed account on the Bank Julius Bär platform (our custodian). This ensures ownership is wholly retained by the client and they always have access to all of their assets.

Benefits & Unique Features

Investments held directly in the client’s name

Founders invested alongside our clients, paying identical fees.

Direct access to the investment team

Diversified Balanced Portfolio

No fund expenses or layering of fees

No gates, clients can always access their investments

No structured products or derivatives

Comprehensive personalised service

What we charge

0.9% p.a. all-in annual fee

No performance fees

No onboarding fees or initial fees

No exit fees (after the first 12 months)

Custody and trading fee included in annual fee

Frank Investments Global Macro Equities ETF Strategy

Frank Investments also offers a Global Macro Equities ETF Strategy with an investment objective to track the growth of global equity markets over a longer-term basis and offer a balanced exposure to global equity performance.

The strategy is run based on a top-down investment style to enable broad global equity exposure and index allocation. The ETF selection focuses on developed markets with a small exposure to developing economies. The ETFs selected are for low cost and high liquidity, which insures investors have access to their assets at all times. The fee for the Global Macro Equities ETF Strategy is again a low annual fee of 0.3% excluding dealing & custody charges and the total expense ratio of the underlying funds.

Benefits & Unique Features

Investments held directly in the client’s name

Direct access to the investment team

Global equity exposure

Comprehensive personalised service

What we charge

0.3% annual fee

No onboarding fees

No exit fees (after the first 12 months)

Custody fee 0.2%

Low trading product, trading fees minimal

Bespoke Discretionary Managed Portfolios

Bespoke Discretionary Portfolios offer a completely tailored investment solution. Part of the offering available at Frank Investments is the ability to create a personalised investment strategy specifically tailored to your needs and goals and risk tolerances.

Clients will have direct access to the Head of Investments and the entire investment team to discuss their needs at any time. These portfolios operate similarly to our discretionary managed portfolios that are following a Frank Investments strategy, the difference is that the strategy is devised for you specifically. Fees and any other terms are agreed upon at the onboarding stage.

Benefits & Unique Features

Direct relationship between Frank Investments and the client

Investment strategy tailored to client’s needs

Comprehensive personalised service

Investments held directly in the client's name

Fees are negotiated depending on client requirements


Investment Services Team

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Paul Sedgwick FCSI

Co-Founder and Head of Investments

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Janet Montagu

Investment and Compliance Associate

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Hayley Maclean

Compliance Associate